Got Daddy Gone

In a world made beautiful by understanding, by science, art and acts of compassion, we grace the stage of mankind. The unknown bring their own victory in peace, the most fortunate shall inspire a child and the many ask nothing in return for a smile. When I see individuals stand alone and arouse the next to come together, when the carpenter raises a shelter, when Ebola is cured, je suis Charlie; it is here that we stand above our borders and qualify our promise to the world. One day Syria will smile again. One day we will be richer when the refugees become our people, bringing the world closer than yesterday. One day the most unfortunate of us will allow your soul to understand the value of their rescue. Sometimes our own kind needs our collective song. 'Got Daddy Gone' is my aria to this!

Written, performed and produced by me.

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Released 2016

Track Listing

Wonderful Life

Beautiful people of Earth I sing this for you
Refugees welcome here I’ve seen it and its true
Look what we do with the grapes rusting on the vine
And a young man on the Gaza strip paints a window in the wall
And I see it in defiant eyes the best of us all

On the echoes of a dying man I hear a baby cry

It’s a wonderful wonderful wonderful
wonderful life

And the dancers in silk skirts come bring us all on
And the boys touch the moon and the girls call em home
Daddy's all muddy been digging up mines on the road
And the artists make love to your soul all battered and boozed
Share with me the dignity of people with nothing more to lose

Let your need be for love never husband or wife

And it’s a wonderful wonderful wonderful
wonderful life

We made love in the forest and they serve great espresso downtown
The people open borders when a little Syrian boy drown
From bombs on Parisian streets we light our monuments for you
Oh beautiful woman I’ll never forget what you said
Don’t lay flowers upon my grave lay ‘em on my bed

And on the promise the sun will come again put out the light

It’s a wonderful wonderful wonderful
wonderful life


Got Daddy Gone

They’re singing hallelujah
There’s laughter down at the slaughter
Angry man said what’s it to ya
Don’t run outta love

Too many badly born
Too many got daddy gone
Too many can’t hold on
Hold on to life

I’m feeling for creation
One people one nation
World needs a little flirtation
What you afraid of

I see pretty girl in love
Turning raven into dove
Givin' respect back to you bruv
They’re your own kind

You’ve been down so long
Been singing that old song
But the spirit of mankind is so strong
Believe in that

But the sunshine will come again
And the loneliness will end
And your smile will bring a new friend
Love will find a way

I haven’t seen you lately
Now you got a little baby
Once you nearly left me
I’m glad you could stay


Graffiti Picasso

Aurora singing opera on the corner
Django plays guitar and sings it blue
Hey world seek forgiveness not permission
Youth in revolution how about you

Someones got opinion hold the monkey
Bullet proof love lingers long and low
Little darlin’ left the light on above the book store
Kicks off her shoes and dances for the money they throw

Youth don’t care what we learned to believe in
Youth aint got no place to call its own
They paint the streets in love and life and music
In boots and skirts and beards they call this home

There’s beauty in their wisdom like Aristotle
Youths singing a cappella from the street below
They’re bringing the streets to life bang bang bang come on
Paint the world graffiti Picasso

Painter come show me round back of meaning
They studied all things one day they will prove
T-shirt said 'sex not as good as kissing'
Youth's a revelation on the move

The young they own the city and not the skyline
They own the logic that makes rebellion bloom
Tap dancing painters riding boxcar
Telling stories with cigarettes over sampled tunes

No one came down here for the glory
Graffiti Picasso pays his dues
When it rains it don’t wash away their haunting
Youth's got nothing but itself to lose

There’s beauty in their wisdom like Aristotle
Youths singing a cappella from the world below
They’re bringing the streets to life bang bang bang come on
Paint the world graffiti Picasso


Dear Syria

Dear Syria
Are you alone in the world
Doctors are crying camps brutal and cold
And we see ya in a poster on a wall
Chemical violation means nothing at all
But there's death on the road to Damascus once more

Oh Syria

Dear Allah
The human needs saving
In a small town mosque even Jesus is praying
Mankind born of devil and dust
And I know sometimes I’m just the shadow of love
Everyday I want to receive you more and more

Oh Allah

Dear Syria
The charities are screaming
The torture and the death toll and the hands up are bleeding
And your soldiers of fortune what are they fighting for
Not the forgotten children in this forgotten war
Is there anyone left with the power to save ‘em all

Oh Syria

Dear Syria
This worlds a beautiful kiss
Faith and the faithless we still all brothers in this
We're still quenching our swords in the slaves of men
And its not right and its not right and when’s and when's it gonna end
And I’ve seen us in love throw our arms around the world

Oh Syria


This Is Our Home

We are not free
We are not equal
We are not at peace
We are not justified
But we are creative
And this is our home

And we wash our streets in blood
But his greatest work will find you
It will break a heart in love
And mend a heart been broken
We are creative
This is our home

The moment we believe
That we as a race are above nature
Every single one of us are in trouble
But human touch can make me cry
We are creative
This is our home

We are confined without abstract thought
We are lost without the tender love of human kind
We justify killing each other
But there is a black girl lost
From the simplicities of love
Walk the belle of the viaduct home

It's midnight and I’m naked it's a powerful thing
And I sing for her and I sing for him and I sing
Last king of the world ever wonder why
Nature's our god everything else is a lie
And we are creative
This is our home


Like Poets

Do you know what a minor chord can do
Daddy left and he won't be home any time soon
Black woman said I was a paediatrician before the war
And the poets leave their vapour behind in a room

My friend's a liar and so is God
Open your lives and bring em all in
They’re all leaving home on a slavery ship
Hey little buddy dream harder when your dreams are thin

The Olympic truce don’t work around here
And your own thoughts are just about all you got
When your pilot light is low burn a prayer
Tell the world love can hide but hate cannot

Like poets – we leave vapour behind in a room

Like poets – we leave vapour behind in a room

Like a dog on a stage you stare at those in tears
Man begs with man let me lay down a while
Tender beauty bites down hard on her lip
Woman holds to her breast the motherless child

Painter paints the night what else can he do
She swings her beautiful body like a dirty Monroe
The bakers bake and the bare knuckles fight
Let your dignity be the last thing that you let go

And the singers are holding hands currency of the world
It’s harder to teach em to love than to teach em to fight
And are these the names we must write in water
It’s a beautiful requiem sung in the dark for the light

Like poets – we leave vapour behind in a room

Like poets – we leave vapour behind in a room


Bomb Damaged Chandelier

She sticks bubblegum in the bullet hole
So the boys can’t look at her no more
And she growls with loneliness
And drags her piano across the floor

Looks at the bomb damaged chandelier
Beneath the flickering light she gathers her gear
Dancing a pogrom in a time of war

And you can’t find a mother here tonight
And you can’t find a prayer without a fight

She's posing for the war room painters
Her bed filled with gay provocateurs
And no-one's safe around her lips
She lays naked on her hands and purrs

Turns off the news just to get some rest
Screams into her pillow Infinite Jest
A kid in the back room Googles Yom Kippur

And you can’t find a mother here tonight
You can’t find a prayer without a fight

And Bluebeard's knocking on your door for your rent in favours
She plays piano with the silent pedal to the floor

And how comes she’s beautiful in the dark
Beauty inspires the world when its down
And the scared ones are feminising their gestures
Better play the blues and pass it round

Oh take it to the street it’ll be enough
The first casualty of war is always love
Between the screams silence is at its most profound

And you can’t find a mother here tonight
And you can’t find a prayer without a fight

And you can’t find a mother here tonight
And you can’t find a prayer without a fight


The Prisoner

What’s right is right what’s wrong is wrong in any age
And our words shall damn your soul should you read em now
I hide my thoughts in the buckshot they left in the wall
But you ain’t takin' me to where the young men hang their heads and bow

Hey darlin’ are you waiting ‘til I come home
Lil’ darlin’ are you waiting ‘til I come home
And I don’t care for this pitiful battle no more

Both sides look like the best part of ugly to me
Callin' to prayer, calling president and stars
Put my hands together in the dark first time in my life
But what I wanted to believe was far stronger than what there was

Hey darlin’ are you waiting ‘til I come home
Lil’ darlin’ are you waiting ‘til I come home
And I don’t care for this pitiful battle no more

Hey brother I wanna grow old
Hey brother I wanna grow old
Reckon about now I’m the loneliest man in the world

From midnight all I remember is some men they light up the dark
Darlin’s pretty mouth said an eye for an eye is just dumb
YouTube generation waiting for me to run outta luck
From holocaust day I’m just one more execution to come

Hey darlin’ are you waiting ‘til I come home
Lil’ darlin’ are you waiting ‘til I come home
I don’t care for this pitiful battle no more


Girlfriend on the Run

Your phone call came and it pondered me
You suspected the bottle or something cheap
Our bed was cold and you were free
I wanted you to whisper why can’t you sleep

From the torture cafes
To the Grandmother cull
From our bloody century
From the point when you become
The crocodile in the petting zoo
You shoot girls who come
The moth around the flame

To the waiting
To the girlfriend on the run

You called me late on that mercurial night
With a followers curse you run and hide
You broke my heart she had no right
And all the flowers in Brooklyn swore and died

Become the eaters of the dead
A toymaker growing dull
Death could be changing shoes
Been dreaming of her skull
You come home when you’re lost
Chicken foot Dim Sum
I’m the breath of a child

I'll be waiting
To the girlfriend on the run


King of Gifted Men

Hey you you come braver than the rest
You say please don’t you fight anymore
I see Charlie Darwin flooding in your eyes
Remember when we scratched the word love on doors

You guided my heart through the mysteries of truth
Gave me the light of the world by which we would weep
Showed me a man with no shoes
Then showed me a man with no feet

In my hometown there is escape that we both know well
But they’re burning all the mermaids out on the beach
Close down the schools and walk 'em home
Learn only what it is they cannot teach

Hey brother I know well you heart
I know your work your love your every word
This silent king of gifted men
I know your after dinner speech that no one heard


Unrecognised Legislators of Man

Unrecognised legislators of man
Battered old suitcase in my hand
Play guitar on the Baton Rouge
You know we know much better than you
‘cause we’re free

Unrecognised legislators of man
Leaders holding on while they can
On raining streets I’m walking home
Make love to her and burst into poem
Sing with me

Unrecognised legislators of man
The poet writes what they try to ban
She said how do you speak so for the girl
I said I’ve been down at the bottom of the world
And I’m free

Unrecognised legislators of man
Beautiful soldiers they don’t understand
And the lies are a thousand feet tall
And the truth's inside of us and its so small
Learn to set it free


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