I Can Save The World

This is a love song for the creation of life. This a tango from a drunken philosopher. This sends out the best of us when we are in need. It tells who shall be king when superficial is dead. A prayer in a world governed by sex, running out of love. This chews hungrily on the wonders of the human effect. It holds back tears at the true price of a life. This hates the city but protests that it loves it more. It don’t care. It is a eulogy for an old world. It knows our superiority will be the epitaph of man.

Written, performed and produced by me.

Available on all streaming platforms.

Released 2012

Track Listing

Come Feel the Love

There’s never been so much thunder
There’s never been so much blood
You make me cry in a time of silence
You lay with the maker when you make love

Come feel the man
Come feel the woman
Come feel the love


Park Bench Philosopher

Oh no don’t ask me
Don’t ask me about God
Been thinking
And I’ve been drunk a while
Pardon me
I’m just a park bench
Park bench philosopher
Walk in my thoughts a mile

Oh Mr businessman
Will you hold me
Will you kiss me
Am I not rich enough
I’m just a simple man
Am I your tragedy
Mr businessman
I’m so full of passion and love

I’ve been thinking
About the bottom line
Whisper to me
Who’s telling all the lies
Park bench
Park bench philosopher
Excuse me tender soul
If I dare turn on a light

Oh Billy Einstein
She makes love to me
Smells like sex and bread
When the canopy’s low
And in return
To justify her curves
I wrote the words
That only the fallen men know

Oh world remember me
You were a friend of mine
Love could summon us
And I would sleep on your floor
In my elegance
I was the best of life
I would speak for you
We tangoed till we were sore

I spoke calligraphy
To a dying men
I learned the secrets of
Being able to see when blind
And life is learned
In your mistake
Close your mouth
Open your mind


Send It

Send out the poets
Send out the clown
Send home the lawyers
Send back the hounds
Send in the doctor
There’s blood on the ground

Send out the flowers
Send out a good deeds
Send out the red-cross
For the people diseased
Send out the best of mankind
For those on their knees

Send out the diamonds
To those who have lost all they had
Send out the moonlight
So they can find their way back
Send out the big hearts
To hold close the sad

Send out your love
Send in the hope
Let humanity shine
Cut down the rope
The water is rising
Send out a boat

*Cello by Sophie Vaughan


Dirt Violin

As the turbines grow silent
Light once bloated grew dim
And the people that once looked out
Now must look in
The fires look so beautiful tonight
Hear the dirt violin
And politics shall fall
And we will begin

And the technologies can no longer be powered
Mass entertainment is gone
And all the pop and the ponce
You know you won’t miss it long
And all the warmth of a man now
Come sing us in song
Moments of unjustified love
And humanities strong

And all currency has fallen
Now the artists are king
Life is always better when
When you let music in
And we shall become God
On a dirt violin
Where is the artist tonight
I’m lonely for him

If you stifle the people
They forget they can sing
If you obsess them in money
They will lose everything
Stand up scream out your life
With a dirt violin
There’s a carnival on street outside
Bring it on bring it in

And you wore down your soul
Where you sold her as sin
All those that once fed on us
Now must grow thin
And if you’re alive in the darkest hour
Better learn how to dream
And I’m lonely where is the artist now
With a dirt violin

And I shall speak out the truth
When you defend us in shame
There’s a tired old war horse
On that battlefield again
Ya didn’t see it coming
The moment before oblivion is fame
And where is the artist tonight
I call out for his pain

*Additional vocals by Sophie Vaughan ×


Oooh Climax

Starvation shall be scratched upon another grave
16,000 children shall die today
And are you the saviour or the plague
We let em go when we want em to stay

Oooh Climax

Your ethics and you intellect won’t be enough
We’re filling the world with sex running out of love
And a mother’s song from the cradle to the grave is sung
More a father now less a son

Oooh Climax

In the loneliest part of our trust they shiver cold
Wrap yourself in the colours of the whole world
The orgasm of men both might and sin
You better open the gates of hell and let us in

Oooh Climax

Modern medicine
Three times a day
You’re not out of love
You’re not out of love

Got off his knees
Forgot how to pray
You’re not out of love
You’re not out of love

So many children
Are happy today
World you’ve not out of love
You’re not out of love

Welcome to the future
There’s nothing to pay
When you’re not out of love
You’re not out of love

So many children
Happy today
World you’ve not out of love
You’re not out of love

Not out of love
You’re not out of love


Fill Your Mouth

So here is my song
Don’t tell anyone
I’ve fallen out of bed and I’m putting myself back together

As the spirit of friendship
It’ll hurt when you quench it
Like beautiful music to stop your life and cry to

Beethoven sonata’s
Michelangelo’s la pieta
And fill your mouth with her
And sometimes its the knocking on the wrong door

There’s a beautiful day
Getting lost in a maze
And falling in love and you know is going to last a lifetime

The song of your lament
Saver a life that’s been spent
Make love when you’re hungry
And the mercurial light of lanterns

The suns gonna rise
Wake beautiful eyes
Open your mouth
Let us breath on what’s being said

Being snow bound in winter
Some dirty little sinner
Just look at the trouble I’m in cos I heard Coltrane blow

After swimming espresso
Girls photographing your crescendo
Little boys that grow up to be ambassadors of the world

Fill your mouth
fill your mouth

And we’re cursed and we’re frowned
Be we can sew back her hand
No matter how lonely there’s always someone to listen

The books that you read
The diary you kept
The words that he said
What have you done to assist mankind

The food of Japan
You don’t need a man
And the peace that comes when you sit with your inner silence

And your house is a mess
You couldn’t care less
There are better things to wrestle with than all that screaming

Flirtatious looks
A girl’s romance with crooks
You’re living your life for days in a creative moment

Foggy harbour nights
Your human rights
Sing it like ya mean it
And flatter someone on their blindside

Random expression
Accept there’s no heaven
The passion of lightning
And the intimate parts of the body

Time don’t exist
Where freedom is kissed
Taste everything twice
Life is not a forgone conclusion


One Dollar Life

One dollar lives
In the arctic circle
Crank up the heating
Open a window
Sniffing diesel
Harry Potter on the tv
Raze it to the ground

One dollar life
In the Amazon basin
The shaman are worthless and stolen
We bring a mirror greed disease
We bring plunder and pollution
Raze it to the ground

Ten-dollar lives
And you’re Gods of prostitution
I don’t believe you
Media monster
Raze it to the ground

One-dollar lives
Working children
Scratching batteries
Lives are rubbish
Inner city
Bored drunk as your father
Raze it to the ground

So bring up the children
Ever so lightly
In your own disappointment
With anger frustration
So you can teach em to be the same as everyone else
And raze em to the ground

No dollar lives
An eye for an eye
A lie for a lie
I hear the world screaming
For so many I fear life is not enough anymore
Raze it to the ground

*Accordion Rachel Omori


Come & See

And I said goodbye to the city street
To the angry gesture of people we meet
And I said goodbye to Hollywood
You know you won’t but maybe you should
This place has taken a hole outta me
And to the things we’ve learn to accept and then defend
To the mobile voice please don’t touch me friend
And I said goodbye to the polluted city
The light left on to the prescripted pity
And people just being mean

Come & see
Come & see

And I said goodnight to the endless day
To the commercial lives the price we pay
I turned my back on my inner hypocrisy
To your last stand at truth and democracy
To hear the music of my soul not the radio
From Tobacco Alley and Auroras bed
From the philosophies of love to where parting wept
From its monochrome smile that stole all your luck
From the needles and dreams and the belles of the viaduct
But my soul it needs to breathe

And I’m free
And I’m free

And back home I turned up my circus in a rented loft
No regrets but cigarettes and pipes that cough
Now I am a man who has seen the world
Where once I prayed for God and valued gold
Everything I have is inside of me
Between the rain and light of chinatown
I stood and watched a woman love a man
I remembered drowning to a sirens song
And the dolphins came and took me home
Allow my soul to breathe

Come & see
Come & see

But I missed autumn walks in a windy park
The tragedy of life and dogs that bark
To the exhibitions that command us to stand and stare
And provoke our thoughts that once were not there
And in the fish markets there’s a ballet of the soul
To the book store and the scream of the ambulance
To the energy of love and intimate circumstance
To the grace of design and the morning post
And friends that come when your need is most
Here was everything you could be

*Additional vocals by Sophie Vaughan


I Don't Care

I don’t care about the people
Whose words are in disguise
Don’t care about little baby fishes
And your tiny little lives

Don’t care about the bullshit
Even the young are getting old
You believe everything you say
And everything you’re being told

I don’t care about the violence
The philosophy of the gun
You oughta watch a child in democracy
If you wanna know how it’s really done

I don’t care about the union
I don’t care as markets fall
I don’t care about ya money
Or where you shove your wall

And who gonna care about the poor
And who gonna care about the poor
And I don’t care anymore

I don’t care about the trees
I don’t care about the sales
Take me now
And I don’t care about the price of nutmeg or whales

I don’t care for permission granted
As the foolish stand in line
I don’t care if I offend you
Just a matter of time

I don’t care about this world
I don’t care about the bride
I don’t care about the stupid people tax
And all the dreams you gotta hide

I don’t care about the panda
Take all you can
And I never read the warnings
You gotta a warn us against man

And whose is gonna care about the war
And whose is gonna care about the war
And we don’t care anymore


I Can't Save the World

There’s a beautiful woman downstairs wearing beautiful clothes
Her mouth smells of dreams and her skin is as soft as a ghost
If you ask for my love you know I’ll give you my soul
But I’ve watched you break the female
And I can’t save the world

You redesign forests and drill once where it snowed
As a young man I thought in poems and I spoke out in prose
Now I’m all out of pity and anger and I’m doubtless with cold
And I’m scared of tomorrow and people
And I can’t save the world

We’ve ignored it so long what we did what you do what we chose
And all of your rights as a human mean nothing to those
And the rich and the poor will steel anything that can be sold
And they’ll kill ya for your gold tooth and ya daughter
And I can’t save the world

But you’re ugly with each other with bombs and bringing on woes
You think you’ll survive but you won’t and I don’t care who knows
And we’ve hated each other ever since that first stick was thrown
But if you can’t unite the all people
We can’t save the world

And I try to stop all the fighting nobody knows
And I try to stop all the fighting nobody knows
And I try to stop all the fighting nobody knows
And I try to stop all the fighting nobody knows

*Bass by Andrew Durban


I Smell Her On the Air

Saw another scheduled public moment of excitement
People long time dying before they’re dead
Humiliated in your obedience to them
So many words nothing being said

Oh people come on
Oh people come on
Nobodies free
Nobodies free

Can’t tell the propaganda from the pain
Don’t give me diamonds just let me be
Can’t see the curve of the world in this town
Hope the future don’t feel like me

Just trying to save the world
Just trying to save the world
How hard can that be
Turn up the dark
smell her on the air

Money is a higher priority than life
Law, banks and business doing all they can
We’re cursed with the extermination of everything
Our superiority will be the epitaph of man

I’m crying alone I’m crying alone Turn up the dark So I can smell her on the air

Set my television on the highway
They’re selling permission for you to do as you are told
I’ve seen you lower your sights in compliance
Oh give me mother natures little girl

And I smell her on the
I smell her on the air
Make love to the world
And I smell her on the air
I smell her on the air
Make love to the world
And I smell her on the air
I smell her on the air


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