Words of Freedom

Imagine a time, when people worshiped the ground that they stood upon. Where prejudice and suffering did not undermine the integrity of our souls; where freedom was not granted to the few but generated in the many. When to fight for land, food, basic sanitation or equality, was as unnecessary as the chains that bind us to inactive minds. Imagine a time where the natural world could splash about in its carnival pallet of life, and we would all know in witnessing the eruption, the courtship, the sunset, the birth of butterflies; that it would be privilege to uphold this honour. A time where our basic acts of kindness were not assigned to memory but once more helped create the push that has lifted us up and forward to be crowned the guardian of this most remarkable place, and not be its tyrant. Imagine that. Imagine a time when the quality of our imagination could make all of mankind free!

And on that day, our words of freedom will be silent.

Written, performed and produced by me.

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Released 2011

Track Listing


They’ll never allow ya
They’ll turn you off when you come on
They can’t deceive ya
But they’ll blind your eyes
Tear out your tongue
You’re lonelier than God without a son

They’ll try and drown ya
If you survive they’ll burn ya to the floor
Prognosticator said
You need bombs and toys and God to take us to war
Prognosticator come
Liberate the rich to liberate the poor

The people need ya
They don’t need what they think they got
Prognosticator said
Politics media and fame
Well its something but it ain’t a lot
Prognosticator said
The truth is coming ready or not

Prognosticator said
Democracy has a price
You’re allowed as much as you’ve been paid
My friend has seen the future
Weeping people standing over prognosticators grave
Prognosticator got a question for the world
Without money would we have made the mess we made


The Truth Will Not Be Televised

We will not be removed from power or replaced with a viable alternative brother. Yet at the same time we have convinced you that your democracy will enable the people to bring down governments and there bring about change.

The truth will not be televised

And we will not offer you a soldiers truth or promote the ideas of love over war. And we will not show you our mistake in poverty, ignorance or out of freedom. And we will not take blame for that which we did not do when it was needed, nor shall we allow you to know the price of human life.

The truth will not be televised

But we will continue to patronise and spoon-feed you with the news that we feel appropriate for your obedience. And in recompense we will entertain you, medicate you with television and pop acts until you learn the fantasy of gratitude. And all of mass entertainment shall be controlled, infecund, rendered unable to raise a single act of subversion.

The truth will not be televised

And we will stand tall from great heights and look down upon you with an idols contempt at your sycophantic applause. And we have won and you have lost brother. For you have not the passion left to muster a revolution to escape our economic, ecological and democratic tyranny.

The truth will not be televised

And we will not examine ourselves in front of you; and we will not do what is right for mankind, planet earth or the poor because the makers of money have become have become their own Gods. As lives tumble worthless in quantities untold. We abide to an ancient set of laws that’ll keep you safe in our treacherous deceit.

The truth will not be televised

And all the time you will believe your country to be better than theirs, your belief is stronger, your people more deserving, your armies more justified and your children more loved and we are equal. And you will believe your own propaganda brother. And all this time you will be plugged in, turned off copped out.

The truth will not be televised


Words of Freedom

I heard the news today told me what I should believe
Swing you bible born of Cain
I threw down my hand and left the room with her
We made love to a billion people in pain

And you can’t find heaven until you’re lonely
You’re as free as they want you to be
You can’t find heaven until you’re lonely
The words of freedom they don’t set em free

I’m not patriotic I don’t stand knee deep in blood
Don’t talk to me about your new rules of war
A hero is a man who can kill you when you sleep
They gonna shoot the men first then they’re gonna whore

You can’t find heaven until you’re hungry
You’re as free as they want you to be
You can’t find heaven until you’re hungry
We wrap our selves in chains where we were free

And there’s no more tomorrow we spent it yesterday
To the starving people we don’t really care
We raise our bloody slogans ban God save the world
Can the first brown president save the last white bear?

And you can’t find heaven until you’re lonely
You’re as free as they want you to be
You can’t find heaven until you’re lonely
And the words of freedom they don’t make us free


Leave a Light On

Men they make money
And it says that they care
They don’t know love
But they make it somewhere
Stood in their prison
Can’t sing in this air

Born of beauty and sin
Oh God
Leave a light on for him

We’re designed to be different
Can you tear down these walls
Speak for yourself
When he follows he falls
You’re the best of this world
And the worse thing of all

Man of beauty and sin
Oh God
Leave a light on for him

And I can’t find you in the dark anymore……


Explain Death To Children

Explain death to children
From a bottomless pit
Sorry little darling
Ya histories shit
Been kicking the heads of babies
Darling don’t you cry
Done so many horrible things
Everything you know’s a lie

Explain death to children
Priest in my pants and my soul
We’re piled high and swollen
You’re so ancient and cold
You bastards and lawyers and soldiers
Taking liberties with life
Bayoneting children
Taking turns on somebody’s wife

*Additional vocals & cello by Sophie Vaughan


I Am Nothing Until I Know It

And I dreamed of a plant that could cure you, but I am not a botanist. And I dreamed of an equation that would save the world but I am not a mathematician. I am mute until you hear me.

We took the largest and most graceful animal that has ever lived, and chased it to the edge of extinction.

In towns and in cities we gather to a superficial order, where we attempt to control time and life.

The plague of humankind that we have come to accept will not be sustained. On the path of creating that which we do not need we consumed what we needed.

You touch your children in ways that I cannot speak of here for fear of offending you.

You cannot be trusted with your own intelligence. I am nothing until I know it.

Draw a line beneath your history, go start again.

We regard ourselves superior to other animals. And here lies the rage of our folly, as if we have been granted a power greater than that of nature itself. We have taken Earth’s hospitality and raped it with our impunity.

We incubate hatred with such sleight of hand that our atrocities appear almost justified. And we no longer regard the lives of our kind as family. We see the human as a threat. How many things are wrong with that?

Conceited is he who makes Gods in the image of man. Yet it is simpler to pray for God’s forgiveness than for us to do what is morally right. And now we build temples for money where once we worshiped the sun.

But money doesn’t change you….. it just makes you richer.

If freedom is theirs to give then it does not exist, for it must be taken.

You allow those you have chosen to follow, to control you, to allow you and then to prevent you.

From bedrooms to bar-rooms, to boardrooms to battlefields.

Eventually everything you touch you turn into war and greed, welcome to the human Midas prophesy.

The span of your destruction is as vast as it is profound. And you will not rest until your slaughter is complete.

Given enough time in which to indulge nothing, eventually we pick up a pencil.

And your appetite for creative thought is beyond even your own imagination. And here is my warning, should you decide not to use this creative power, it will implode and make you worthless.

Where once you touched the moon…

*Additional vocals & cello by Sophie Vaughan


Auction Block Sold

The Thames has flooded
Hospital sold
The army’s of freedom
Doing as they’re told
This is the new blues
From an old world

New blues old world

Liberty stands now
Auction block sold
New breed of lynch mob
Same dusty road
This is the new blues
From an old world

New blues old world

House nigger leaving
Chain gang got old
Fresh hammers bleeding
Over prejudice cold
This is a new blues
From an old world

New blues old world

Good people starving
Shame on master’s soul
Bare your throat
For them to take hold
This is the new blues
From an old world

New blues old world

*Additional vocals by Sophie Vaughan


Censorship Burns the Books Nobody Read

Prejudice are the roads on which everyone has walked
Human rights are the words all but the privileged have got
War isn’t over till every ones dead
Censorship burns books nobody read

Ignorance for many is all that they got
Blessed are those who live in fear of God
Poverty is a life and it's all that you’re worth
How we treat woman is how we tread on this Earth

Propaganda’s the teachings of those we’ve disowned
Politics the lesson we still haven’t learned
The aging anarchist said children take your shoes of my bed
Censorship burns books nobody read

Persecution is free but we sell freedom by wealth
Society censors us when its lost confidence in itself
Freedom of expression is now for the media to choose
And if we are all born equal and free can I be as equal as you

Education teaches what they want you to know
Free imagination free mankind learn to let yourself go
But you can’t silence the music revolution aint dead
Censorship burns books nobody read


Dirty Hombre

Get out of my pink
Get out of my bloom
Get out of my head
Get out of my womb

Get out of my way
Get out of my salary
Take with you your methadone
Dirty hombre

Ya outa ya face
What’s it to be
I’m getting out the rope
It’s either you or me

Get out of my house
Don’t sleep where I lay
Going out of my mind
Dirty hombre

Put away your equality
It don’t do what it say
Put away your serpent
Oh put it away

Leave alone my children
And their food money
Get out of my girlfriends
Dirty hombre



You making money you make a fool
You making money you make the tool
You making money to go make a war

You making money to buy what you see
You making money to make us free
You making money you making the law

You making money to buy the girl
You making money to change the world
You make em rich and you make em poor

Making money you sold your fate
But you ain’t making love you making us hate
You making money you going to war


Freedom Enough

Is freedom in a bottle
Is freedom sleeping rough
Is freedom everything you want
Is freedom in love
Too much freedom kills more than not enough

Is freedom on your side
Is freedom on your soul
Is freedom in the trenches
Is freedom in this world
Is the freedom you stole from your enemy
The freedom you take home

Is freedom in their memories
Is freedom in their cries
Is freedom in your suicide
Is freedom in your lies
Freedom march me home
Freedom’s a long long way to die

Freedom in your head
Freedom to smile

Is freedom what they allow ya
Is freedom what they sold
Is there freedom in a womb
Is freedom when they sell a little girl
Is freedom designed by men
So they can covet the world

Is freedom in your ignorance
Is freedom what you dream of
Is freedom forged in dignity
Freedom above
Is freedom the price of privilege
Is freedom enough

Is freedom on your side
Is freedom on your soul
Is freedom in the trenches
Is freedom in this world
Is the freedom you stole from your enemy
The freedom you take home

Freedom in your head
Freedom on my own

*Additional vocals by Sophie Vaughan


Posthumosly Yours

There’s a famine out there, where all the animals will lay down in the inevitability of death and turn to dust. On the road to humanity, woman left her child to die, carry her remaining baby clamped to her empty breast, one day she’ll have to try survive her loss. Woman raped, men fat with war and hate, shoot yourself tomorrow man and the charities are just looking for a hand out of love. This is not social injustice.
This is the price of life when everything is lost

Is this the price of life when the rains don’t come, pray for them, blame for them, vote for the men in empty ties who shout into the conquered sky. But feel the drought on the air, some place unkept uncared, doctors holding empty cups and cans, children squeezed of life until they’re dry.
This is not social injustice
There’s not enough water here to cry

But we have intelligence, but stupidity is our best defence. Half the world is hungry and half the world are dieting thin and the cheating man will always win. And so we see those photographs again, tell me when’s it gonna end. This ancient land so filled with tiny graves not even made of war. Pipeline over lifeline. These people are our people, we cannot stand to watch them die. We are wrong in hearts and wrong in laws. We are at the mercy of so many flaws.

Hear my letter to the world

Posthumously yours


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