25,000 Mile Song

I wanted to make music that no one else was making. I was emotional. 25,000 Mile Song was an enormous event. In my strangely concocted life, filled with machines and instruments. Alone, I built a cathedral. One of love and loss and hate. My boys were leaving home. My wife needed kissing. The world was at war. I was emotional.

The history and the enormous movements of time in which we were living, paved heavily the substance of these songs. The language with which I populate them feels as if it has taken me a lifetime to earn. This work is perhaps the true reckoning of an artist's humanity. And I cannot apologise for that.

So, please take what I have felt, and wear it a little while. Suck a lover’s lips and breathe it in. Plant a forest. Feel the wonders of the Universe. Dance and throw yourselves a sexual format. Teach children not the answers, but the questions. Please, listen to what I have to say. The world has allowed me. Let it in and let it out! Raise your voice to sing!

25,000 mile song - 13 pieces to help locate humanity when it cries out to us!

Written and performed by me. Piano and production by Otto.

Available on all streaming platforms.

Released 2024

Track Listing

25,000 Mile Song

In the beginning
There was just a single piece of land
But it broke apart and in it we all stood our flag
25,000 mile song
Keeps on comin’ back
And still we’re killin’ each other over that

The black death of prayer with which some pray
And I know your wars and the haunted eggs you lay
But the child in me
Has still childish things to say
You can’t own the land even if you pay

And I feel the hand me down wars with which you shout
Do the walls you build
keep you in or keep them out
And I don’t know what this one is all about
Push in a flag
So much blood shed
When you pull it out

In the beginning
There was just this single piece of land
It broke apart and in it we all stood our flag
25,000 mile song
Keeps on coming back
And still we’re killin’ each other over that


Bubbish Dump Diva

Destiny is formed
When choices are good
Fate comes into being
When they are not
And I’ll sing when you’re lonely
And when you give up
Open your mind
Without full stops

This is just music
Whether you feel it or not

This is just music
It belongs to love

But I’m just some rubbish dump diva
Get off your knees
Stand up
And I’m here when you’re stolen
And when you need love
And our cry is to make you better
Whenever your not

This is just music
Whether you feel it or not

This is just music
It belongs to love ×

Bucket Made of Glass

And the forests will thank you
For the love affair you signed
We dance in the streets
With all of mankind
Mutual assured destruction

And the peace sure feels good
We unblinded sight
Read the emotional face
They measured the speed of light

And we bring you back to life
Down here we’re God
25,000 mile song
That ticking’s not the clock

And we saved the whale
Our histories intense
And we learned to fly
Stood between us a fence

Feels like the world full a war
We’re so much better than this
Jump start the love
Strap in for the kiss

We are a bucket made of glass
We’re the things love can do
My peace is encore
How ‘bout you


Write It

I live behind the orange door
Come find me

This is what I mean
My song and my soul are for rent
Knowing me won’t always come clean

The first line in everyday
Simply just mean it

The spell in us
Is life

My back is bare
Kiss me
Kiss me while the world is mad

What matters

Write it so the world will know

This side
This side of the grave
We are all in this together

Your thoughts are free
Don’t turn them off

We don’t have to learn to mean it


We’re sorry for what you’ve been through

Life is given for free
It’s a child’s job to know

Babies welcome to life
We’re a masterpiece of engineering

Cello’s are not made for encore


Ghost Ship

I’m not here I’m on a ghost ship
In here we’re building a choir of song
But there’s room for error and kissing
I’d rather die by volcano than a bomb
You make love like Nazi gold
You can stay with me or your free to go
Be the hero of a childhood
I long for the perfect line on the piano

I’m not here I’m on a ghost ship
Some people are at the bottom of the world
When your sex life has more attention than your children
These are the things that break the human code
Seen girl with red ballon painted on the wall
Don’t care about your war
Woman’s giving birth
Nail to a tree your empty soul
An atom of sun will kill you anywhere on Earth


They Mattered...

Don’t ask
They don’t know
But they do as they are told
School failed ‘em
And they eat the waste products from factories
And they’re faster than you growing old

They don’t ask about the future
For their future is the same
They over procreate
And die too soon
They don’t ask God about when the dinosaurs came

They live in waiting rooms and cardboard towers
They stand at the back of every line
Society left ‘em
Broken given up
Theres a life that’s missing
That’s a life haunted
Left holding a cup

They occupy the night and get dirty
And they valet your view of the world
Oh you bet
They fight and they hate and they foam
And they leave behind their body
Every chance they get

And there’s a black psalm
And a broken arm
And a prayer

And their life’s
But a flicker
All over the world
Pilot-light turning off
Humanity welcomes them
Politics despises them
Welcome to Earth
There’s too much or not enough

The only time they are ahead of the queue
Is when they die for their country
With the honour and glory of protecting me
With a gun in their hand and a tear in their eye
The ebony and the ivory

And we blow our kisses
Over posthumous graves
And we say they gave their lives
So we could live
And in the time it takes the lowly bugler to play a single note
What mattered
Here on Earth
Was the shit
We didn’t give


Fix Tomorrow

Well I’m old enough to know better
Old enough to have pages on what you don’t know
Love your children with everything you got
Do it
And we’ll fix tomorrow

Its the reason we don’t like each other
They don’t say it
So I thought I’d tell you so
Kiss ‘em make ‘em safe from all those monsters
Do it
And you’ll fix tomorrow

Let ‘em fall asleep inside your bed
Tickle ‘em until they squeal and then they’ll know
Feed ‘em the best of everything we got
Do it
And you’ll fix tomorrow

They’re the best of life in all the world
Let ‘em laugh and sing and cry
And then and then they’ll fully grow
Give ‘em the rights to be a child
Do it
And you’ll fix tomorrow


Billion Years

For a billion years nothing happened
For a billion years nothing happened
For a billion years nothing happened

And then there was life
And then there was you
And then there was us
And then there was love

Then you made life
And then there was beautiful

For a billion years and nothing happened

And we understood
And we gave you language
And we made you better

Yesterday and today
And the future
And there will be life
And there will be love

We’re crazy enough
We touched the moon
Stop creating death
Like it don’t matter

Provoke your brain
Trust your heart
Hold on to ya hat
We ain’t done yet

We’re violent complicated inventive
We’re all the same
And you know it

A billion years nothing happened


The Wall

You know there's such a fine line
Between where we're all from
Just a figure of speech in the air
And its gone
And I've seen your children
In hand me down lives
And oh God
What have you done

And nobody's free
Behind the wall of the world
What did you mean
When you killed all the young
Mother soaked
In more battle flag blood
There's a wall
There's a prayer
There's a bomb

Peace here goes boom
It's a cartoon 'bout love
How unreasonably open minded
We all become
So I say to you all
Where do you go now
And oh God
What have you done

And nobody's free
Behind the wall of the world
And what did you mean
When you killed all the young
We talk to God
But they don't answer
There a wall
There's a prayer
There's a gun

There a wall
There's a prayer
There's a bomb


And Trees

And I don't know if love is dead
I ain't got the figures yet
Teacher threw a book at me
Picked it up began to read
I don't care 'bout kings and queens
Don't teach the future stupid things
And I'll tell 'em about the moon
How it works
And the majesty of trees

I don't belong to man or God
Medicated firing squad
People they love my heart
And I hide behind my guitar
Gold and diamonds are from outta space
You can't win the human race
Open your lungs and scream
Let it out
And wake up all your dreams

Four o'clock in the morning after shock
Beautiful girl wake me up
And I don't know what you see
People on Earth are hungry
And its rough down here right now
Life take a bow
Just be here a while
Sometimes I sit
And feel myself smile

And the barrelhouse judge will judge my soul
Fall upon my knees and kiss the world
Plant a book
Forest grew
And I don't know what else to do
I'm an emotional man turned up loud
Party 'til the candle's out
World I'm sorry
Life is worthless
Even babies
Without trees

It's fiction when we lie
Help me my pencil's dry
And I feel the muscle and feel the curves
Think this is what we deserve
And buy me an hour ago
The philosophy of the world
I'm emotional it's the bottom line
This is me
This is how it feels
This is how it feels to be me
All the time


Blind Soul

And they're breaking the bottom line of the world
With a gun you can bet
Ain't feeling it yet
But they wear a blind soul

And the world is the most powerful song
Less anal
More oral
Sing for the whale and the coral
This world is the most powerful song

Take a moment and be kind
Take love out dancing
Take your children learnin'
And maybe you'll save your blind soul

And the beautiful us will be missed when we're gone
And Mankind you know
We keep dragin' us to the end of the world
But a kindness
Will be lost
When we're gone


World Makes Me Nervous

Come be the beast
Come be the best
Come be the bullets
Come wear the vest

And it's always you
Peddlin' it
World's gotta feel ya
Hang the artist

And I've seen the holocaust
20,000 dead men first day at the Somme
And here we all go again
Come fear the bomb

But they still hungry
While you curtsy and bow
Tell me
Shouldn't politics
Work by now

I used to be him
But I killed that man
Its easier to laugh at me
Than understand

Still killin' our own kind
What the fuck's goin' on
Here we go again
Come fear the bomb



The people we least respect we put in charge
These are the options of a fool
Nuclear bombs gonna kill us all
The people you hate most

And I raise my offer of music just for you
Human race dead’s not a fitting philosophy
Give bombs to doctors not to kings
Is the suicide of the human race our destiny

The meaning of life is to keep everything alive
Put ‘em away boys let all of living know
But if you think those weapons
Gonna make safe the world
You wont need me to tell ya
Told ya so



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